Should You Purchase A New, Used, Or Refurbished Laptop?

If you’re looking to extract as much value as possible out of your next laptop, you might be considering buying one that is refurbished or used instead of new. While there is certainly more risk in buying any electronic in used condition, there are plenty of different reasons to take the added risk.

Below, we’ll go over some things you should consider when analysing your options.


Savings Potential

Buying anything used or refurbished is going to offer you significant savings opportunities. While you will not be able to find a suitable used or refurbished option for every single laptop model available, it is a good option for those that are looking for a system for various reasons including for studying, work, or even general use.
Various retailers like Dell make it very easy to see what is available in a used condition through their websites.

For example, as of this time in writing, a Dell Inspiron 5000 priced new costs £700. Whereas, it is only £340 when purchased through Dell’s Outlet in ‘scratched and dented’ condition. Therefore, you will be able to purchase a fully working laptop with only a few minor physical defects at over 50 percent less than it’s brand new RRP.

The biggest downside in shopping through official outlet stores is the fact that you’re going to be largely limited on available stock. Therefore, if you’re looking to pick up a brand new model that was just released, you’ll likely need to spend the full asking price if there is a specific configuration you were going for that you cannot find in used condition. At the same time, buying used products from official channels like Dell’s Outlet comes with the added benefit of getting better warranty protection, less overall risk, and better buyer protection.

A lot of enterprise customers end up returning their units. These products are then discounted to much more consumer-friendly prices which makes it entirely possible that you’re able to get a fantastic deal.

Whereas, there are platforms like Amazon’s marketplace that make it very simple to find a deal prior to even having to add the laptop to your shopping cart. When shopping on Amazon, you can keep tabs on products that are labelled ‘used’ on the product pages. In general, if you’re someone that is on a budget, you’ll want to consider opting for either refurbished or used when shopping because it can shave a significant amount of money off of the total purchase price.

If you do end up buying a laptop with a fault then you can usually sort it out by taking it to a local laptop repair service to check it and see what needs to be done.

Keep In Mind: Used Is Not The Same As Refurbished

While the term used and refurbished might be thought of as interchangeable, it is not. Refurbished electronics usually come directly from the manufacturer. These products have been professionally cleaned, repaired, and inspected to working condition. Thus, they are much more reliable than used, and might even be more reliable than new in some instances. These units go through rigorous inspections and the units are taken apart to check for working components and to ensure that everything is in working order.

You will generally need to go directly through the manufacturer’s website in order to find trustworthy refurbished units like laptops. All of the laptops that are classified as ‘used condition’ are sold by consumers themselves. Usually, it occurs after they have upgraded to a different model and they have decided that they need a different model to satisfy their needs. They might also want to turn the electronics into available cash they can use to spend elsewhere. Because of this, used electronics are not inspected. Therefore, there could be issues with the components and you wouldn’t know about it prior to purchasing. Various platforms where used products are sold do not check for working components prior to the sale so there is a risk element involved.

Retailers like Amazon offer a lot of value for those that are looking to save big without the hefty risk. Not only can sellers list a used laptop for sale, but you can even find certified refurbished laptops that come with a limited warranty attached to them. As with anything, it is recommended you spend a good amount of time doing the research needed in order to identify a good option. Below, we will be going over some good tips that you should utilise when you’re shopping for either a refurbished or used laptop.


1. Check the laptop immediately in order to assess for potential defects that might not have been mentioned on the listing.

2. Check for manufacturer warranties.

3. Read the fine print in order to figure out what is included and what isn’t included with the warranty.

4. Use a credit card to pay for used and/or refurbished laptops.

5. Check for return policies.


Brand New

Buying a laptop ultimately depends on your personal preference. If you don’t have a preference to own a new laptop and you want to save money on your purchase, consider opting for a used or refurbished laptop. However, there is nothing better than being able to get a brand new and sealed laptop with a fresh manufacturers warranty attached.

Keep an eye out for sales when shopping for a new laptop. In particular, you should keep tabs on Amazon’s marketplace which regularly has a lot of major discounts that you can take advantage of.


New – It will cost more, but you will have the most protection.
Refurbished – You will get excellent quality control and more protection than used.
Used – You will save the most money but take on the most risk.